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[27 Jun 2009|04:45am]
Okay, so this is kind of weird, but I just joined this site that offers really minimal amounts of money for looking at ads. You link it up to your paypal account, and since I don't keep anything in mine, I don't really feel like it's much of a risk for me. Even if all I wind up able to get is a song on iTunes, it's still a free song- better than nothing, right? Anyway, they have a referral program. It's a penny for each person who signs up and references you, so it's pretty much nothing, but I mean, why not try? Sign up if you feel like it. If not, whatever.
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[11 Aug 2004|01:40am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This is not a journal for me to write in. At least, not at this point. I'm in love with my other one and have no interest in becoming just like everyone else with their fucking livejournals. It's simply to make it easier for me to read everyone's lj at once rather than running to millions of journals. Some of the people I've added most likely didn't know I read their ljs. Sorry guys, I have no life.

If I do post anything here, it's going to be friends only.
Deal with it.

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